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Overview[edit | edit source]

Sloth Factory is a giant living medical factory that are fully self-automated and maintained by autonomous robots. Idle spirits that are too lazy to move sign up here to become live-subjects for Robots' ridiculous disease experiments. Sloth Factory is a 3 v 3 v3 Arena Mode where players must offer 13 hearts that was taken from enemies to claim the victory. Players are able to join this game Mode from War Chamber after unlocking Gluttony Park.

Time: 30-45 minutes

  • Type: Arena
  • Mode: Demon Hunts
  • Team: 3 vs 3 vs 3
  • Objective: First to kill 13 opponent demons
  • Time 36 min

Map[edit | edit source]

Top Floor:

SlothMap f1.png

Bottom Floor:

SlothMap f2.png

Activating Heart Core[edit | edit source]

Additional mechanic of this factory for helping weak team is to activate Heart Core Console to randomly give one of the opponent a sudden heart attack. Any team who successfully execute Heart Core will receive a free kill. Heart Core console is located on the upper level of Heart Chamber with a shut game. To temporary open the gate, any player must activated the console located in the underground level, which is guarded by P0.


Heart Core Melt Down[edit | edit source]

If no players activating Heart Core in the factory every 13 minutes. Heart Core will start a meltdown count which last 30 seconds. After the count down is complete, any demons outside the central area will receive a heart attack, and their team will receive a negative skill penalty. (This will not cause the score to go below 0.) Whenever anyone activate the Heart Core, the meltdown will be delay for another 3 minutes.


Sloth Reward Materials[edit | edit source]

Icons Name Description How to obtain
M slt1.png Rusty Screw Old and worn out screw that can easily give any one tetanus. Sloth Factory
M slt2.png Bloody Bandage A roll of bondage that is soaked with identified blood. Sloth Factory
M slt3.png Metal Scrap Pile of used scrap metals that is a good source of iron. Sloth Factory
M slt4.png Tentacle A piece of cut-out tentacle that still wiggle now and then. Sloth Factory
M slt5.png Disease Needle A syringe that are used by multiple infected patients. Super deadly. Sloth Factory
M slt6.png Nickle Battery A battery from an ancient technology. Last only about an hour. Sloth Factory
M slt7.png Bio Mass A living sloppy joe of organic meats. Very delicious. Sloth Factory
M slt8.png Eternal Motor A perpetual motor that draws energy from nearby souls. Sloth Factory
M slt9.png Mutant Embryo Hell's crown achievement, a super hero cell that someday will replace god. Sloth Factory

Sloth Conquest[edit | edit source]

Play Sloth X Times[edit | edit source]

Conquest Reward
Play Sloth 3 times N sol3.png 30 souls
Play Sloth 6 times I ksh1.png x1
Play Sloth 13 times I evo1.png x1
Play Sloth 23 times S wep3.png Weapon Schema XI x1
Play Sloth 45 times N gld5.png 100 gold
Play Sloth 66 times N sol7.png 70 souls
Play Sloth 100 times N gld9.png 500 gold
Play Sloth 170 times T all46.png Thunder Amulet x1
Play Sloth 230 times S wep4.png Weapon Schema XIX x1

Win Sloth X Times[edit | edit source]

Conquest Reward
Win Sloth 1 times T all3.png x1
Win Sloth 3 times N sol5.png 50 souls
Win Sloth 6 times I evo1.png x1
Win Sloth 13 times S arm3.png Armors Schema XII x1
Win Sloth 23 times N gld5.png 100 gold
Win Sloth 45 times N sol7.png 70 souls
Win Sloth 66 times N gld9.png 500 gold
Win Sloth 99 times T all53.png Arcane Bangle x1
Win Sloth 130 times S arm4.png Armors Schema x1

Win Sloth X Consecutive Time[edit | edit source]

Conquest Reward
Win Sloth 2 cons I bls1.png x2
Win Sloth 3 cons S wep2.png Weapon Schema VII x1
Win Sloth 4 cons I bls1.png x4
Win Sloth 5 cons I ksh2.png x1
Win Sloth 6 cons I bls1.png x6
Win Sloth 7 cons I ksh2.png x2
Win Sloth 8 cons I ksh3.png x1
Win Sloth 9 cons I ksh3.png x2

Complete X Sloth Quest[edit | edit source]

Conquest Reward
Complete 3 Sloth Quests N gld4.png 50 gold
Complete 6 Sloth Quests N sol6.png 60 souls
Complete 9 Sloth Quests Z slt1.png Dysania I x1
Complete 13 Sloth Quests N sol9.png 90souls
Complete 17 Sloth Quests Z slt2.png Dysania II x1
Complete 21 Sloth Quests T all47.png x1
Complete 27 Sloth Quests N gld9.png 500 gold
Complete 33 Sloth Quests Z slt3.png Dysania III x1
Complete 39 Sloth Quests T all54.png Nature Bangle x1

In Game Tutorial[edit | edit source]