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Mim is a demon in DemonsAreCrazy.

Background[edit | edit source]

The demonic brain who uses its supreme mind power to control others to do his vicious bidding. Its I.Q of 666 is considered the highest among all demons. Unfortunately the top three heads usually use it for personal arguments.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Stats[edit | edit source]

Base Stats lv 1 lv 10 lv 30 lv 60
STR 80 (+50) 80 105 155 230
VIT 100 (+70) 100 135 205 310
DEX 80 (+50) 80 105 155 230
TAL 100 (+70) 100 135 205 310
Elemental Resistance
Normal.png - Light.png - Fire.png - Wind.png - Water.png - Earth.png - Thunder.png - Ice.png - Poison.png - Dark.png -
Other Immunity

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Native[edit | edit source]

Image Name Type Desc
MindGuard.png MindGuard Native Passively block and convert 10% m.dmg into MP.
MindScan.png MindScan Native Enable Mim scan the area with his charge action.

First row[edit | edit source]

Image Name Type Desc
PsychicPulse.png PsychicPulse Active Change n.attack to 6 homing missiles with STR(0.5~0.6) + TAL(20~30) [thunder] m.dmg.
SilentBurst.png SilentBurst Active Deals TAL(40~60) [thunder] m.dmg and inflict silence status for (6~9) seconds.
PsychoWave.png PsychoWave Active Instantly warp LVL(13~20)m along current movement direction.
Blink.png Blink Active Instantly warp LVL(13~20)m along current movement direction.
MindBlast.png MindBlast Active Blast target area with mind power, Deals TAL(100~155) [light]/[thunder] m.dmg to target area with LVL(35~50)% chance to paralyze
BrainWash.png BrainWash Active Charm one enemy to Mim's team for LVL(23~30) seconds. (Half duration for demon.)

Second row[edit | edit source]

Image Name Type Desc
BrainLock.png BrainLock Active Silence target for LVL(4~6) seconds and deal TAL(50~75) [thunder] m.dmg.
IllusionaryOrb.png IllusionaryOrb Active Fires an invisible orb forward, dealing TAL(50~75) [water] m.dmg per sec along its path.
PsychicCharges.png PsychicCharges Active Creates a circling barrier for 13s, dealing TAL(25~40) [thunder] m.dmg every hit.
DoppleGanger.png DoppleGanger Active Creates a clone with LVL(33~50)% stat. and blink backward with invisibility
PsychicBarrier.png PsychicBarrier Active Gives Mim and all his demon allies barrier that absorb TAL(200~300) dmg for 60 sec.
EnhancedCerebrum.png EnhancedCerebrum Passive Gives Mim's true sight and increase mind scan range by LVL(100~200)%.

Mim Conquest[edit | edit source]

Conquest Reward
Win 6 Arenas with Mim I bls1.png x3
Win 13 Arenas with Mim N gld5.png 100 golds
Win 23 Arenas with Mim Y mim1.png Thinker I x1
Win 50 Arenas with Mim N gld8.png 300 golds
Win 66 Arenas with Mim Y mim2.png Thinker II x1
Win 84 Arenas with Mim W mim51.png Torment Triplets x1
Win 103 Arenas with Mim Y mim3.png Thinker III x1
Win 130 Arenas with Mim A mim51.png Torment Helmet x1