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Mhaou is a demon in DemonsAreCrazy.

Background[edit | edit source]

The underworld army's overlord, is preparing for wars! Its demonic dragon blood is boiling with rage and it will surely turn any battlefield into a scorching wasteland.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Mhaou is a pure tanker who can absorb a lot of damage for his team. While weak in damage, he can also slow and capture his enemies for his team kills. The main problem with Mhaou is his speed which is the slowest in the game.

Stats[edit | edit source]

Base Stats lv 1 lv 10 lv 30 lv 60
STR 110 (+80) 110 150 230 350
VIT 125 (+95) 125 173 268 410
DEX 55 (+25) 55 68 93 130
TAL 60 (+30) 60 75 105 150
Elemental Resistance
Normal.png - Light.png - Fire.png - Wind.png - Water.png - Earth.png - Thunder.png - Ice.png - Poison.png - Dark.png -
Other Immunity

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Native[edit | edit source]

Image Name Type Desc
FireWhip.png FireWhip Native Enable Mhaou's normal attack a 23% chance to inflict burn status.
WakeOfFlame.png WakeOfFlame Native Enable Mhaou to release a distant quake that momentary disrupt all enemies' movements in the target area.
ArmorSkin.png ArmorSkin Native Give a 35% chance to block damages equal to 5 times Mhaou's current level from physical and magical attacks.

First row[edit | edit source]

Image Name Type Desc
WarCry.png WarCry Active Increases Mhoau and surrounding allies Phy.Dmg and Def by LVL(15~23)% for 30s.
GroundSomp.png GroundStomp Active Instantly stomp the ground to create a small earthquake that Deals STR(0.8~1.0) + TAL(33~50) [earth] dmg and cripple enemies for LVL(5~7) sec.
LashOfTyrant.png LashOfTyrant Active Creates a field of fire that deals TAL(40~60)x30 [fire] m.dmg in an area for 10s.
Inferno.png Inferno Active Creates a field of fire that deals TAL(40~60)x30 [fire] m.dmg in an area for 10s.
DragonPit.png Dragon Pit Active Create a giant cage around Mhaou for LVL(8~13) seconds.
HellsEnd.png HellsEnd Active Randomly deals STR(0.6~1.0) + TAL(60~100) [fire]/[earth] m.dmg to both allies and enemies in an area.

Second row[edit | edit source]

Image Name Type Desc
WarMonger.png War Monger Active Tuant enemies for TAL(60~130) Hate and reduce their Phy.Dmg by LVL(20~30)% for 15s.
FireBreath.png FireBreath Active Breath fire to a wide front area dealing 6x TAL(50~75) [fire] m.dmg to frontal area and inflict TAL(10~15) burn for 6s.
VitalityBond.png VitalityBond Active Transfer LVL(40~60)% of ally's dmg to Mhaou with LVL(40~60)% reduction for 30 sec.
DragonSkin.png DragonScale Active Reflects LVL(40~60)% phy.dmg back to attackers for LVL(10~15)s.
DominionMarch.png DominionMarch Passive Increase sprint speed by LVL(40~60)%, deal [earth] dmg and cripple nearby enemies while running.
Devour.png Devour Active Remove target ally or enemy for LVL(8~13)sec and temporary adds its HP to Mhaou.

Mhaou Conquest[edit | edit source]

Conquest Reward
Win 6 Arenas with Mhaou I bls1.png x3
Win 13 Arenas with Mhaou N gld5.png 100 golds
Win 23 Arenas with Mhaou Y mao1.png Kakistocracy I x1
Win 50 Arenas with Mhaou N gld8.png 300 golds
Win 66 Arenas with Mhaou Y mao2.png Kakistocracy II x1
Win 84 Arenas with Mhaou W mao51.png Torment Whip x1
Win 103 Arenas with Mhaou Y mao3.png Kakistocracy III x1
Win 130 Arenas with Mhaou A mao51.png Torment Mail x1