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Wiktor's Claw List [Weapon][edit | edit source]

Icons Name Stats Special Elements
W wik1.png Standard Claw - - -
W wik2.png Black Claw STR+3 VIT+3 DEX+3 TAL+3 - Dark.png
W wik5.png Hny Claw STR+4 VIT+4 DEX+4 TAL+4 - Light.png
W wik14.png Valentine Claw VIT+7 DEX+7 3%Charm -
W wik21.png Rotten Claw STR+3 VIT+6 6%Heal -
W wik22.png Junk Claw DEX+6 TAL+3 6%Silence -
W wik23.png Torture Claw STR+6 DEX+3 6%Disarm -
W wik24.png Wilder Claw VIT+3 TAL+6 6%Poison -
W wik33.png Wind Claw DEX+10 4%Evasion Wind.png
W wik41.png Gluttony Claw VIT+16 - Earth.png
W wik42.png Sloth Claw DEX+16 - Thunder.png
W wik43.png WrathClaw STR+16 - Fire.png
W wik44.png Envy Claw TAL+16 - Water.png
W wik51.png Torment Claw VIT+16 - Dark.png
W wik61.png Gigantas Claw DEX+10 VIT+18 - Poison.png
W wik62.png Abadon Claw DEX+18 TAL+10 - Wind.png
W wik63.png Fury Claw STR+18 VIT+10 - Ice.png
W wik64.png Malice Claw STR+10 TAL+18 - Thunder.png